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As many people with chronic illnesses do, I decided to create a blog about my experiences: the frustrations, the ups and downs, and how I've dealt with it . As I'm reaching a point of stability for the first time in 3 years, I realized that I needed to share my experiences because I used to feel alone in my struggle. I realize that by putting my story out into the open, I can potentially help others through their own struggle. Migraines can be devastating, ripping apart relationships and putting life on hold. If someone reads my blog, the one thing that I want them to know is that migraines do not define you. They make you feel like they are your entire life, but in truth they are only a small part of you.
I hope to write some posts about dealing with food sensitivities, how to manage your triggers, what to do when doctors give up and other helpful posts. If you want my opinion on anything, then please do not hesitate to comment below. This is my first time blogging so it will definitely be trial and error! I hope that everyone has a migraine-free, wonderful week.