So Many Emotions? How Do I Deal?

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As people with chronic issues know all too well, feelings of defeat and hopelessness battle happier feelings, and win most of the time. It's hard to feel happy when you feel like the world is crashing down on you and you can't seem to do anything "normal." How do you deal with this mentality when it seems every doctor and sometimes friends have given up on you?

My first piece of advice is to find something small that makes you happy. Whether it's lighting a candle or incense, cuddling with a cat, or making a pot of your favorite tea, find something that truly makes you happy. It's the small things that make the biggest difference in your mental health. Personally, I love taking bubble baths and watching my favorite tv shows. There's something so relaxing about being in a bath that for a second, it takes away your pain.

If you feel like you cannot talk about your issues with some of your friends or family members, the simple answer is don't. People don't have to be in the loop all the time about your medical issues. If you are constantly explaining your condition to everyone around you, you will be reliving all of your pain every time. Find a short summary of your problems to tell most people if asked, and keep the details for your family and trusted friends. Not everyone wants to hear about that procedure that you had done and how you hope it will help you. That being said, if you have a trusted friend or two who actively support you, talk to them about what you're worried about.

If you find that talking about your problems is helpful, talk to a medical professional. Therapy is amazing at figuring out your true emotions during such a  time where you could have twenty different emotions bouncing around your head. Therapy helps to put perspective on your struggle, and help you deal with what is going on.

Make a playlist that you listen to when you're feeling down. For me, it's helpful to have a go-to playlist that can cheer you up even a little bit when you're feeling terrible.

Another tip is to eat something that makes you feel better. This could be a cookie, a cupcake, a piece of fruit or nuts. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it makes you feel the tiniest bit better.

Finally, remember that you are "normal." Having an illness does not make you any less normal. Migraines are an illness that impact quality of life, but you have the ability to make your life as wonderful as you try to make it. Listen to you body and make smart decisions. However, if you are stuck inside on your own volition because you're worried, you have the ability to face your fears and live a little bit. I've found that if I keep myself in my bubble of comfort, I don't try to take advantage of the opportunities around me. If I listen to my body and go and hang out with friends and leave when I get tired, I've made my life a little bit better and happier without hurting my health. Take care of yourself, but have fun too.

It's important to note that talking about your issues can help you feel better. There are people, friends and family, who support you and want to hear about your problems. Your mental health should never be impacted by your illness, and you can help prevent feelings of helplessness and depression by talking to a friend or a medical professional.